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Now, if you don't have your high school diploma yet, that is where you need to start. If you needed to leave high school before you earned your diploma, you have a few options as to how to get it now.

First, you could enroll at an online high school where you simply take the classes that your missing. Second, you could enroll at your local community college where you can take the equivalent class to the ones you are missing. Lastly, you could forget about the classes all together and just focus on passing the GED exam, which would award you your GED, which is essentially the same thing as a high school diploma. Start now on getting your high school degree out of the way.

Once you have your high school diploma, you could consider a career as a chef. Culinary arts classes can prepare students to work in a restaurant within a relatively short period of time. For students who do not want to commit to a four-year college, culinary training is a pretty good match. Learn about cooking school right now.

Nursing is another program you can consider. Okay, nursing is not for everybody. Nursing is demanding - it involves working with sick, ill or injured people, the hours can be really bad and the shifts can be long. That being said, being a nurse and helping people out when they need help the most can be very rewarding. Learn about becoming a nurse

And the two cities in our spotlight today are Kansas City and Atlanta. Both of these cities sometimes get overlooked when students are looking for a university. We think they both deserve a look. Check out Kansas City or check out Atlanta.

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